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Benefits of Praeferre’s Privacy Management Solutions

Our Best Offerings for Your Privacy and Compliance

Commercial & Large Enterprises

For organisations with 500+ employees

– Advanced Security
– Robust Data Privacy
– Standard Compliance
– KPI Mapping
– Round the clock support

Growing Business and Startups

For organisations with 500 employees or less

– Advanced Security
– Robust Data Privacy
– Standard Compliance
– Round the clock support

Special industry pricing

For Universities, Educational Institutions and Non-profit Organisations

– Advanced Security
– Robust Data Privacy
– Standard Compliance
– Round the clock support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Praeferre's privacy platform unique?
Praeferre’s privacy platform can be a game-changer, offering the world’s first one-stop shop for both data governance and privacy. Whether you’re a commercial giant, a budding startup, or a non-profit organisation, we’ve got you covered with flexible pricing plans. Moreover, we’re on a mission to bridging the gap between B2B and B2C businesses, providing tailored solutions for each. Here’s why Praeferre is the best choice for your business:
    1. Revolutionises data management

    – Comprehensive data governance and privacy functionalities into a single solution

    1. Tailored solutions, flexible pricing

    – This privacy platform recognizes your diverse business needs and offers segmented pricing for commercial entities, large enterprises, growing businesses, universities, and nonprofits, ensuring affordability and access for organisations of all sizes.

    1. Bridging the B2B and B2C divide

    – Praeferre’s privacy platform uniquely caters to both businesses interacting with other businesses (B2B) and those directly serving consumers (B2C). This data privacy and compliance platform provides tools and features specifically designed to address your privacy and compliance challenges.

    1. Easy compliance  

    – Its compliance management tools empowers business users to stay informed and manage compliance effortlessly while navigating the complexities of global data privacy regulations and compliance requirements.

    2. How can I contact Praeferre's business development team?

    For assistance, please reach out to our dedicated support team via email or phone. Here are the contact details:


    Phone: +44 – 1628 635690
    Get in touch with our experts to reveal the best security solution at best prices

    3. Is automatic compliance right for my organisation?
    The suitability depends on your size, industry, and specific compliance needs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by global data privacy regulations, no need to fear. Because unlike others, our privacy platform simplifies compliance across various jurisdictions with a unified system and an intuitive dashboard to keep you informed and in control. Praeferre’s privacy solution is not just about compliance, it’s a unique dashboard that empowers everyone at your organisation to truly understand your data with insightful visualisations and user-friendly interfaces. Our privacy platform helps you make smarter decisions with confidence.
    4. Why should you choose Praeferre's Privacy Platform?

    Praeferre offers a range of unique approaches to intelligent data privacy management, from individual’s personal information security to corporate level data protection. Our award-winning privacy management platform is designed to meet your evolving privacy needs and comply with regulations like EU’s GDPR, India’s DPDPA, USA’s CCPA, HIPAA, and more.


    In short, our platform promises to revolutionise the way you manage your data, giving you the power to unlock its full potential while keeping privacy a top priority.

    5. What is data privacy in the digital age?

    In the digital age, data privacy plays a vital role in preserving personal information and maintaining autonomy. It ensures personal security by protecting against identity theft, financial fraud, and cybercrimes.

    6. What is the value of data privacy?

    Data privacy ensures the protection of personal information from unauthorised access. It safeguards sensitive data like social security numbers, financial records, and health information/medical records like birth dates, hospital location, etc. from unauthorised access when not in use.

    7. Who benefits from data privacy?

    Both businesses and consumers benefit from data privacy. For businesses, it builds trust and brand recognition among customers. For consumers, it ensures protection against data breaches, fraud, and financial loss.

    8. What are data privacy solutions?

    Data access control is a key solution for protecting data privacy. It helps prevent unauthorised access or inappropriate use of data by defining rules, roles, or permissions.

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