Praeferre recognised as a secure data exchange pioneer : A spotlight on the Wavestone UK Cyber Startup Radar 2023

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In a day and age when data is the new oil, acquiring its secure interchange is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Praeferre has emerged as a forerunner in the domain of secure data-sharing platforms, recognising this important need. Praeferre’s breakthrough efforts and innovation have been identified by the Wavestone UK Cyber Startup Radar 2023, firmly establishing it at the forefront of global cybersecurity.

Praeferre: A  Synonym For Secure Data Exchange 

Praeferre, a cyber firm based in the United Kingdom, has remained unwavering in its dedication to revolutionising the cybersecurity sector. The company has played a critical role in addressing the rising demands of Risk Management and Compliance, which has been listed as a major product area by 27% of startups in the Wavestone UK Cyber Startup Radar 2023.

Data Protection Management

Wavestone’s Recognition: A Testimony to Innovation

Praeferre’s inclusion on the 2023 Start-Up Radar indicates its unique capabilities. Wavestone examined firms founded in the last seven years with a maximum of 35 Full-Time Employees and based in the United Kingdom.
Despite the difficulties experienced by businesses in obtaining early-round investment due to UK investors’ presumed risk-aversion, Praeferre has remained constant in its path of development. This honour also highlights Praeferre’s consistency with the rising themes and trends in the UK cyber sector, as highlighted in the Wavestone radar.

Beyond Borders: A Global Perspective

While 60% of businesses in the UK have received investment, the radar revealed that startups are gradually turning to international markets. With the support of its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, Praeferre’s safe data exchange platform is universally applicable and ready to expand into new areas.

Championing Diversity: Towards an Inclusive Ecosystem

Praeferre is in the pioneering of championing inclusivity and diversity, reflecting a trend noted in Wavestone’s research, where 50% of startups identified at least a single founder having a minority trait. The organisation believes that a diverse set of viewpoints is the foundation of disruptive innovations.

Resilience and Zero Trust- Two pioneering trends.

According to the Wavestone radar, younger startups are working on ransomware resilience and recovery, as well as providing Zero Trust use cases. Praeferre’s protected data exchange technology stands out in this environment, ensuring strong and resilient data exchanges.

Conclusion: Steps Towards a Safer Future

The inclusion of Praeferre on the Wavestone UK Cyber Startup Radar 2023 is far more than an honour. It is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. Praeferre is devoted to offering pioneering solutions and altering the traditional models of safe data transmission as it evolves and expands its frontiers.